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Mapping Spatial Pps
Mapping Spatial Pps: The Cartography of Syntactic Structures by Guglielmo Cinque
English | 1 Aug. 2010 | ISBN: 0195393678, 019539366X | 314 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

This volume focuses on the internal structure of prepositional phrases, an area that has so far received little attention from the standpoint of cartography.
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Beautiful Beach Portraits: Lighting, Posing, and Composition for Outstanding Photography
2014 | ISBN: 1608957314 | English | 128 pages | PDF/EPUB | 16 MB/12 MB

Portraits of families and children against the dunes or with a crashing waves in the background are beautiful-but they are also one of the more difficult genres of photography. Wind, shifting sand, unpredictable sun mixing with clouds, and sudden storms all add to the normal challenges of a portrait session when you transport it to a beach setting. In this book, Mary Fisk-Taylor and Jamie Hayes explain how they create beautiful images amidst these challenges (and have a few adventures along the way!). Exploring sixty of their favorite images, the team offers tips on posing; composition; using clouds and the sea as a background; photographing individual family members after photographing the entire group; where to position your main light, fill flash, and reflector; and how to make the session fun for the whole family. In a clear, concise, step-by-step style, Mary and Jamie reveal how beach portraits have broadened their marketing area, introduced their photography to new clientele, and increased their bottom line-and show how you can achieve the same great results.
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She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women's Intimate Health. Period.
She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women's Intimate Health. Period. by Sherry A. Ross
English | April 25th, 2017 | ASIN: B06XNTBL4Z, ISBN: 1682612406, 1682617386 | 321 pages | EPUB | 3.29 MB

Many women still suffer a long-ingrained dissociation with their own vaginas and a misunderstanding of what goes on "down there." With expertise and a dose of humor, leading ob-gyn, educator and women's health advocate Dr. Sherry Ross addresses every urgent, confounding, culturally taboo or embarrassing question women have about vaginas, with the goal of healthier, happier lives for all.
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