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Convex Duality and Financial Mathematics
Convex Duality and Financial Mathematics by Peter Carr
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 162 Pages | ISBN : 3319924915 | 10.31 MB

This book provides a concise introduction to convex duality in financial mathematics. Convex duality plays an essential role in dealing with financial problems and involves maximizing concave utility functions and minimizing convex risk measures. Recently, convex and generalized convex dualities have shown to be crucial in the process of the dynamic hedging of contingent claims. Common underlying principles and connections between different perspectives are developed; results are illustrated through graphs and explained heuristically. This book can be used as a reference and is aimed toward graduate students, researchers and practitioners in mathematics, finance, economics, and optimization.
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Rhabdoviruses: Volume III
Rhabdoviruses: Volume III by D. H. L. Bishop
English | 2017 | ISBN: 131589730X | 258 Pages | PDF | 44.5 MB

The goal of this book series has been to provide an overview of rhabdovirology as a whole (including an appraisal of current research findings), suitable for students, teachers, and, research workers.
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