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Logic for Applications
Logic for Applications By Anil Nerode
English | PDF | 1997 | 466 Pages | ISBN : 1461268559 | 92.78 MB

In writing this book, our goal was to produce a text suitable for a first course in mathematical logic more attuned than the traditional textbooks to the reĀ­ cent dramatic growth in the applications oflogic to computer science. Thus, our choice oftopics has been heavily influenced by such applications. Of course, we cover the basic traditional topics: syntax, semantics, soundnes5, completeness and compactness as well as a few more advanced results such as the theorems of Skolem-Lowenheim and Herbrand. Much ofour book, however, deals with other less traditional topics.
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Water and Sanitation in the New Millennium
Water and Sanitation in the New Millennium by K.J. Nath, Vinod Prakash Sharma
English | 2017 | ISBN: 8132237439 | 254 Pages | PDF | 18.3 MB

This contributed volume is about water resources, their variability with prevalent environmental conditions and its sustainable management in India.
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