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Math Tutor DVD - Ultimate Physics 3 Tutor: Electricity & Magnetism - Volume 2
Math Tutor DVD - Ultimate Physics 3 Tutor: Electricity & Magnetism - Volume 2 | 1.78 GB
MP4 | AVC 179kbps | English | 720x368 | 30fps | 10 hours | AAC stereo 160kbps
Genre: Video Training

The study of Electricity and Magnetism in Physics is challenging for most students because the concepts usually involve higher math that requires the problems to be fully understood prior to starting work. In addition, the concepts always involve invisible electric and magnetic fields which are hard to visualize for most students. This DVD course begins by explaining every topic in great detail using a variety of illustrations and practical examples. The core topics are all taught by working fully worked example problems which help the student review for exams and build homework problem solving skills. Every problem is fully worked with no steps skipped. The easiest way to learn physics is to learn-by-doing, and this is what this DVD set provides.
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Mystery - Hired Guns And Stripper Game [8 AVI]
Mystery - Hired Guns And Stripper Game [8 AVI]| 1.39 GB
English | Category: Dating

Narrated exclusively by Mystery, this product offers techniques on how to engage waitresses, clerks at stores, bartenders, shooter girls, and of course exotic dancers. The value of this product extends beyond just hired guns. In addition, these DVDs offer more in depth explanations and examples on topics such as multiple threading, DHV story telling, etc. Also included are many new stories, routines, and sound bites for you to play with. Many of the discussion points are pretty universal, and are not just techniques for Hired Guns. A lot of concepts will really click after you've finished watching this.
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Ralph Gracie - Vale Tudo Guard
Ralph Gracie - Vale Tudo Guard | 3.87 GB
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS, NTSC, 6620 kbps, 720x480 | English, AC3, 256 kbps, 2 Ch | 55 mins
Subject: Martial Arts/BJJ

Being caught on the bottom and not know what to do is the most dangerous position in Vale Tudo. Ralph explains the importance of the Vale Tudo Jiu-Jitsu Guard and reviews his personal strategies.
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Mark Kerr - Seek and Destroy
Mark Kerr - Seek and Destroy | 3.07 GB
English | Category: Fighting / Martial Arts

Kerr does a good job explaining the basics of closing the distance. Kerr covers mainly single leg takedowns and how to escape from some of the common counters to takedowns. Most of the counters are where you shoot in and your opponent sprawls back and under or over hooks your arms with his arms. This provides a variety of "puzzles" that need to be solved. The whole point of the tape is to get idea about proper distance, closing the distance without getting hurt, establishing proper posture and then taking your opponent to the ground. As is the Panther tradition, they show one move in slow motion 9 times!!! Unbelievable. Once, maybe twice, but don't kill tape with this nonsense.
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Mario Sperry - Submission Grappling
Mario Sperry - Submission Grappling | 4.10 GB
English | Category: Fighting / Martial Arts

This is the complete 6 DVD set of Mario Sperry's Secrets of Submission Grappling. Mario Sperry who is the most successful fighter in the history of Submission Grappling returns to video with Secrets of Submission Grappling. In this exciting new series Sperry teaches the fight strategy, tactics, submissions and point scoring that has led him to become the three-time Abu Dhabi submission Grand Champion. These videos contain techniques dramatically different than his award winning Vale-Tudo videos and will become an instant favorite of those looking to dominate opponents grappling without the uniform.
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