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SVS – Posing Characters – Childrens Book Edition

SVS – Posing Characters – Childrens Book Edition | 292 MB
Duration 1h 21m MP4

This is a fundamental drawing course designed specifically for children’s book illustrators. In this video and PDF manual/workbook you will be shown how to use the “bean” shape to create 3 dimensional figures. The object of this class is to help you learn how to begin drawing a figure from any angle, attach limbs and head, and pose your character in any direction and from any angle.
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SVS – Working with Color

SVS – Working with Color | 285 MB
Duration 1h 57m MP4

In this course, Jake Parker demonstrates how to light an object, how shadows work, and how to apply these principles to complex forms. Will Terry demonstrates and explains key aspects of color theory as it relates to art.
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