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Presenting 90s New Year Parade (2016)

Vamos A La Playa is the title of the debut single of Miranda, from the album Fiesta. The song, written by Noam Kaniel, Johnny Williams and Louis Element produced by The Extravaganza Corporation, especially in Italy where he was one of the protagonists of the successful. Nothing Like The Rain was released as the fourth and final single from 2 Unlimited's third album Real Things. Otherwise, Nothing Like The Rain was the least successful commercial release to date with limited chart notability in Europe. The song began as an improvisation called Sick Puppy, with the band only liking the bass part that bassist Adam Clayton composed. The band struggled to build a song from it, with vocalist Bono and producer Daniel Lanois arguing intensely during one songwriting session.
Presenting 90s New Year Parade (2016)
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