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PDF Annotator Portable

PDF Annotator Portable Multilingual | 40.7 MB

PDF Annotator lets the user open any PDF file and add annotations, using the mouse or a Tablet PC pen, directly on the PDF file's pages. The annotated documents can then be saved directly back to PDF format. In this way, anyone can read or print the annotated PDF documents. Annotated documents can also be easily attached to emails.
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Ornatrix for 3ds max

Ornatrix for 3ds max | 68.3 MB

Ornatrix for 3ds max is a system designed to solve the problem of creating hair and hair-shaped structures. To achieve this goal it employs a variety of tools and automation to allow the user to work in an easy and intuitive environment.
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Readiris Pro 15.2.0 build 8694 / Corporate 15.2.0 build 8693 Multilangual

Readiris Pro 15.2.0 build 8694 / Corporate 15.2.0 build 8693 Multilangual | 326 MB /319 MB

Readiris Corporate addresses office users that are looking for an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application software. Although the market does offer a few solutions in this particular field, only a handful of them can really get the job done better than the rest.
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Readiris Pro / Corporate 15.2.0 Multilingual Mac OS X

Readiris Pro / Corporate 15.2.0 Multilingual | MacOSX | 250 MB / 249 MB

Use OCR software to save the precious time you would lose retyping information from documents! Readiris 15 automatically recognizes the text and layout from an image, a PDF or a scanned document and turns it into an editable digital file (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT, ePub, etc.)
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Help & Manual 7.1.0 Build 3920

Help & Manual 7.1.0 Build 3920 | 159 Mb

Help And Manual makes producing help and documentation a pleasure. All the tools you need are at your fingertips in a single intuitive environment, and the program handles all the complex, technical aspects of the process for you. Instead of wasting countless hours "programming" your help you can focus all your energy on actually writing your documentation, so that all your working time is productive time.
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Ratchet Gxds Collection Vol 1 WAV
DISCOVER | May 24 2016 | 302 MB

"The Ratchet Gxds Collection Volume 1" includes the perfect combination of theatrical compositions and stems along with some of the most Ratchet Drum Loops you can find.

Sound Junkie and Cain the Producer definitely nailed it with this one. Collection comes with over 100 Loops and nearly 100 One-Shots all in .Wav format including Bpm.
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Readiris Corporate 15.2.0 Build 8693 Multilingual Portable

Readiris Corporate 15.2.0 Build 8693 Multilingual Portable | 183 Mb

Readiris Corporate 15 is the business-centric version of I.R.I.S.' flagship OCR software. It was made to help SMBs and larger companies process information contained in paper and digital documents efficiently in order to share them within their organization and network.
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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Standard

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Standard | MacOSX | 291.38 MB

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 is a basic version and obtains required basic features for RAW development It has obtained a New function "spotting tool" to remove a dust on the photo at RAW development. In addition to basic functions, new correction functions have been enhanced in the standard edition.
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GenArts Sapphire 9.0.21 For AfterEffects (Win/Mac)

GenArts Sapphire 9.0.21 For AfterEffects (Win/Mac) | 93/161 Mb

Sapphire increases your productivity and quality output, without compromising consistency or the caliber of a look. Discover the superior image processing, control, render speed, and unlimited options compared to other plugins. Sapphire for avid with over 250 Effects and Transitions.
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