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iPhone Backup Extractor Pro

iPhone Backup Extractor Pro | 31.2 Mb

If you are an iPhone owner you most likely use iTunes to create backups, although we all agree that this particular software solution does not have all the features we need. That why iPhone Backup Extractor might come in very handy to many iPhone owners out there, providing very effective tools to extract files from a previously created backup. Whats more, the program is very easy to use, offering an intuitive interface that perfectly brings the main features of the app in the spotlight.
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AKVIS HDRFactory 5.0.754.12264 Multilingual (Mac OS X)
AKVIS HDRFactory 5.0.754.12264 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 125.61 MB
AKVIS HDRFactory is a versatile program for creating HDR images and making photo correction. High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique used to produce an image with high dynamic range. The software makes HDR photos by combining several images of the same object taken with different exposure values.
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Phase One Capture One Pro Multilingual

Phase One Capture One Pro Multilingual | MacOSX | 320.22 MB

Capture One Pro 9 - The Professional Choice In Imaging Software. Capture One is essential for all commercial shoots. Industry leading detail, color and image rendering. Ultimate image quality for over 400 cameras.
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Impаct Soundwоrks Shreddage 2 KONTAKT

Impаct Soundwоrks Shreddage 2 KONTAKT | 2.92 Gb

The ultimate rock/metal electric guitar instrument is here! Shreddage II covers the entire range of lead AND rhythm playing - every fret, every string, and tons of articulations. A powerful interface allows for easy playing and deep customization. With the included Kontakt Player and ReValver HPse, you'll have everything you need to SHRED.
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NI AWR Design Environment 11.04

NI AWR Design Environment 11.04 | 1.0 Gb

NI (formerly AWR Corporation) has presented the 11.04 release of NI AWR Design Environment high-frequency software, inclusive of Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator (VSS), Analyst and AXIEM for the design of MMICs, RF PCBs, RFICs, microwave modules, communication systems, radar systems, antennas and more.
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