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SampleHero The Cinematic Scoring Bundle KONTAKT
SampleHero The Cinematic Scoring Bundle KONTAKT | 1.47 Gb

The Cinematic Scoring Bundle is everything you've ever wanted in perfect drones and inspiring pulses. Cinematic Scoring Pulses: Featuring 88 individual "tempo-synced" cinematic scoring pulses that never get "too busy" or "in the way" of your composition. From pianos, to cellos, moogs, voices, synths, guitars, kick drums, organsR30; We've "pulsed" all kinds of sound sources for you!
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Gregor Quendel Designed Fire WAV
File Size : 846 MB
Designed Fire explores the further sonic realms of a powerful element. It features special effects, ambiences, swooshes, whooshes, fly-bys, drones, textures, glitches and more, that range from heavily designed to basic elements.
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Subsonic Artz Nexus 49 for U-he Diva
File Size : 580K B
Nexus 49 is specially designed to pay a tribute to the sounds and music of the first Bladerunner movie but also to celebrate the new Bladerunner 2049. Nexus 49 will instantly make you dive into the futuristic city of LA 2049...
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File Size : 1.08 GB
Innovate with rhythmic variation. Exclusively crafted to create tonal and rhythmic pulses.
3 variations per loop - perfect when you want variations within the same motif.
unique loop legato mode : change variations on the fly with keyswitches, without interrupting the groove.
extensive array of modulation options via envelopes, lfos and step sequencers
powerful fx section offering both inserts and send effects for a range of possibilities
carefully designed to ease the workflow of media composers
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Sonics Empire - Trapsoul Chops WAV
File Size : 168 MB
Trapsoul Chops' is a Hot, new product from Sonics Empire. Includes (90) professionally recorded,edited,chopped and processed vocal samples to spice up all production genres From Hip Hop, Trap, To R&B, Soul & more.
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Samples From Mars 626 From Mars MULTiFORMAT
File Size : 66 MB
The 8 Bit Brother of the 707 and 727
The 626 is a classic, 80s drum machine that's some sort of cross between a 505, 707 and 727, while adding additional sounds these other units don't feature. It's based around acoustic samples, and features 80s gated reverb snares, iconic congas, dry bass drums, crunchy cabasas, agogos, timbales, a cool assortment of cymbals and more. In fact, with 30 voices, the 626 packs in a greater variety of sounds than any other TR series drum machine.
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Samples From Mars 505 Modded From Mars MULTiFORMAT
File Size : 73 MB
The Simple and Solid Drum Machine - Modded to Hell
The 505 is a charming little drum machine, kind of like a 707 and 727 in one box, with a great little sequencer to boot. And, as a contentious vintage synth explorer review proves, you'll find WAY more lovers of the 505 than haters - among them heavyweights like Vince Clark, Aphex Twin, and plenty of Chicago House classics.
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