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Pluralsight - AngularJS Unit Testing in-depth, Using ngMock [repost]

Pluralsight - AngularJS Unit Testing in-depth, Using ngMock
MP4 | AVC 730kbps | English | 1280x720 | 15fps | 2h 23mins | AAC stereo 86kbps | 488 MB
Genre: Video Training

This course introduces the ngMock module for unit testing in AngularJS. The course will cover this module extensively, giving viewers a solid foundation for unit testing AngularJS code. We will learn by doing - building a movie application as we work through each concept of ngMock. By the end of the course, you will have greater fluency when writing unit tests for your AngularJS applications.
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Pluralsight - Choosing a JavaScript Framework [repost]

Pluralsight - Choosing a javascript Framework
MP4 | AVC 675kbps | English | 1024x768 | 24fps | 5h 31mins | AAC stereo 192kbps | 2.04 GB
Genre: Video Training

Brian builds a "Todo" application using four different frameworks and discusses the strengths and weakness of each framework along the way, highlighting practical considerations in the selection of a framework.
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