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VA - Great Rockabilly Vol.1 (2007)

VA - Great Rockabilly Vol.1 (2007)
Rockabilly | MP3 320 kbps CBR | Covers | 146 min | 344 MB
Label: Smith & Co | Rel: 2007

Rockabilly project from Smith & Co, long time gathered together to present Rockabilly music from many parts of the world. Well, what can I say, this is a very good collection of Wordwide Rockabilly. It reads "Volume 1" on the cover, I hope that is a promise for at least one more great Rockabilly collection in the near future.
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Sentenza Desktop 1.2 build 405 Mac OS X

Sentenza Desktop 1.2 build 405 | MacOSX | 7.3 MB

With Sentenza Desktop, build Mac OS X applications with HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. Use the APIs library to add advanced features to your project. You will be able to build standalone web applications for Mac OS X (from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion) and deploy them on the Mac App Store or sell them in your own ways.
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Michael Singer - The Surrender Experiment

Michael Singer - The Surrender Experiment [ 2 JPG, 6 MP3]
English | Size: 213.83 MB (224,219,160 bytes )
Category: Self Improvement

From the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller The Untethered Soul, comes this thought‐provoking and inspiring true story about the magic that happens when you just let go.
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Day One Classic 1.10.4

Day One Classic 1.10.4 | MacOSX | 14 MB

Capture life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One's elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure.
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FotoBeschriften Bilingual

FotoBeschriften Bilingual | 7.8 Mb

FotoBeschriften helps you Labelling of digital photos! FotoBeschriften is custom-made and not burdening by redundant functionality. One does not only have to sketch oneself effective graphic designs.
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VA - 100 Hits - Movies (5CD) 2009
VA - 100 Hits - Movies (5CD) 2009
MP3 320 CBR kbps | Tracks: 100 | 06:01:29 | 829 Mb
Genre: Rock, pop, soundtrack | Label: Demon Music Group

100 Hits - Movies - it's 100 hits from favorite movies: Bridget Jones's Diary, Notting Hill, Days of Thunder, Reservoir Dogs, An Officer and a Gentleman, Trainspotting and others.
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Various Artists - Guitar Legends (3CD Box Set) (2016)

V. A. - Guitar Legends (3CD Box Set) (2016)
Label: My Kind of Music | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 134:35 min | 330 mb
Arena Rock, Blues Rock, Rock & Roll

Glam rock was fairly simple, crunchy guitar rock put across with outrageous theatricality. Most of the music was unabashedly catchy, with melodies drawn from teenage bubblegum pop and hip-shaking rhythms from early rock & roll. But those innocent-sounding influences were belied by the delivery, which was all campy, glitzy showmanship and sexuality. In fact, one of the main reasons glam never caught on in the U.S. was that glam artists intentionally played around with gender conventions, androgynous costumes and makeup. In general, glam rock fell into two schools. The music became more commercially oriented and radio-friendly, boasting slick productions and anthemic choruses, both on their hard rock numbers and their sweeping power ballads. Most of these bands earned their following through saturation airplay on FM radio and through constant touring.
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