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Master of Orion Revenge of Antares-CODEX
Developer:NGD Studios
Publisher:WG Labs
Release Name:Master.of.Orion.Revenge.of.Antares-CODEX
Size:4.05 GB

Description: The ascendant spacefaring 4X strategy game returns! A new chapter in the epic Master of Orion saga is poised to once again capture the imaginations of millions of gamers.
Diehard fans of the first games will be ecstatic to know that this revival is being built under the watchful eyes of members from the original development team, in conjunction with NGD Studios in Buenos Aires!
Discover Master of Orion as it was always meant to be: A fully orchestrated score, interstellar warfare and exploration against the backdrop of beautifully animated far flung galaxies. Confront hostile civilizations, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this newly imagined universe.
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (2016)
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (2016)
PC Game | Developer: THQ Nordic, Iron Lore Entertainment / THQ Nordic GmbH | 6.7 GB
Languages: Audio and text: Deutsch, English, français, Russian.
Version GOG:
Genre: Role-playing - Combat - Fantasy
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Demon Master Chris-DARKSiDERS
Release Name:Demon.Master.Chris-DARKSiDERS
Size:1.44 GB

Release Description:
There is more than one world. Long ago, humanity learned of the existence of other worlds and researched methodes to borrow their power. Now, even in our modern, technologically-advanced society, there are those who are able to reach out to beings from other worlds and fight alongside them, Saiga Chris is one such conjurer.
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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain-CPY
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain-CPY
Release: 12/2016
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Genre: Action, Adventure
Language: English
Size: 27.6GB

Ushering in a new era for the METAL GEAR franchise with cutting-edge technology powered by the Fox Engine, METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain, will provide players a first-rate gaming experience as they are offered tactical freedom to carry out open-world missions.
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Christmas Stories The Gift of the Magi Collectors Edition-ZEKE
Release Name:Christmas.Stories.The.Gift.of.the.Magi.Collectors.Edition-ZEKE
Size:1.13 GB

Description: Elephant Games proudly presents the newest addition to the Christmas Stories Series!
Everybody knows that Santa gives presents to nice children, but who visits the naughty ones? After your sister does something bad, Berta the evil Christmas spirit and her mean elves take her away. The only way to save her is by performing good deeds and helping make the holiday season more cheerful for others. With the help of Jack Frost, can you save the holidays before it's too late?
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The Dwarves-RELOADED
Genre: RPG
Developer: KING Art
Publisher: THQ Nordic, EuroVideo Medien
Release Name:The.Dwarves-RELOADED
Size: 190 MB

Release Description:
The Dwarves is a fantasy role-playing game with a strong story and tactically challenging real-time battles. 15 playable heroes, each with individual skills, are to be deployed cleverly. Take on superior numbers of orcs, ogres, älfs, bögnilim, zombies, dark mages and many more foes, to give them the low-down.
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Yomawari Night Alone Update v20161130-BAT
Genre:Adventure, Strategy
Developer:Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
Publisher:NIS America, Inc.
Release Name:Yomawari.Night.Alone.Update.v20161130-BAT
Size:12 MB

Note: Hello again doods! Today (11/30), the build currently in the Beta Branch has been pushed to the public branch. The update should apply automatically. This build includes a number of quality of life fixes and a few stuttering issues. As always, if there are still problems, please report them in Troubleshooting! We can try to fix ‘em together!
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