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Wordaizer+ 5.0 Build 139

Wordaizer+ 5.0 Build 139 | Languages: | File Size: 23.14 MB

Wordaizer creates word clouds like Wordle does. But with a twist. It allows you to have full freedom to tune your word cloud to any size, colour, font and shape. The application is capable of making really huge word clouds, up to twice the size of A0. Save your result, print the word cloud or show it on your screen. Even animate your cloud if you like.
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capella-software capella 7 v7.1 Build 37
capella-software capella 7 v7.1 Build 37 | Windows x86/x64 | English | File Size: 26.68 MB

Create scores with capella quick, easy, affordable. No other notation program will take you by the hand and gently guide you towards your first own score in the manner in which capella does it. There is no need to be fully computer literate you just follow your musical imagination and capella does the rest. Within no time you will have completed your first score sheet.
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Audio Damage AD037 Kombinat Tri v3.0.3 WiN OSX
Audio Damage AD037 Kombinat Tri v3.0.3 WiN OSX | 15 Mb

From mild tone-shaping or adding a bit of grit to full-on total waveform destruction, Kombinat Tri is a complete toolbox of sonic warfare, and a complete top-to-bottom rebuild of our popular Kombinat series.
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TweakBit Driver Updater Multilingual
TweakBit Driver Updater Multilingual | 10.6 Mb

Driver Updater will scan your computer for outdated or missing drivers and provide you with an easy way to and install the latest driver versions, which effectively resolves driver-related system errors and device malfunctions.

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Infographics Maker - Templates 3.2.2
Infographics Maker - Templates 3.2.2 | Multilingual | macOS | 1.11 GB

Infographics Maker contains a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Apple Pages documents! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable.

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capella-software capella-scan 8 v8.0 Build 24 + Portable
capella-software capella-scan 8 v8.0 Build 24 REPACK + Portable | 57 / 42 Mb

Scan sheet music with capella-scan.
capella-scan has put an end to the laborious task of typing out notes! At last, there is now a way of transposing printed notes and creating part extraction from a printed score without having to type out sheet music note-for-note.

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TechTool Pro 9.6.1 Build 3523 MacOSX
TechTool Pro 9.6.1 Build 3523 MacOSX | 168 MB

TechTool Pro has long been one of the foremost utilities for keeping your Mac running smoothly and efficiently. With the release of version 9, it has become more proficient than ever. Techtool Pro 9 is compatible with all current Macintosh models and system versions.

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Ashampoo Office Professional 2018 Rev 917.1121 Multilingual
Ashampoo Office Professional 2018 Rev 917.1121 Multilingual | 333.07 MB

We all know alternatives to Microsoft Office but do you know a low-priced Office that is fully compatible with both the latest and classic Microsoft formats? An office without compromise and no learning curve? Ashampoo Office 2018 is the fastest way to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with all the comfort and features you'd expect from a full-fledged office suite.

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TweakBit PCBooster Multilingual
TweakBit PCBooster Multilingual | 7.8 Mb

PCBooster tweaks your PC to ensure top performance for a specific type of task, be it gaming, document work or something else. Whether you use your home PC for watching movies or online videos, calling your family or friends via Skype or another similar program, browsing the web or using instant messengers, we have included a HOME mode in PCBooster to help you get the most out of your home computer.

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