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GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption 6.3.0

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption 6.3.0 | 3.4 Mb

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption is especially designed to create password protected USB memory sticks. It creates protected areas on the disk that is needed to enter password to see contents. Data on the protected areas are encypted by 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption. Protected USB stick is fully autonomous and does not need any special software installed on computer.
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Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.12.1 Multilingual

Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.12.1 Multilingual | 23.8 Mb

MailWasher Pro - the program allows users to view messages that are on various email accounts, before you download them to your computer. With MailWasher Pro, you can delete or return unneeded letters back to the sender with a message that the recipient is unknown.
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Endurance 2.0 macOS

Endurance 2.0 | macOS | 7 mb

No matter how good your battery is, everyone could use a little more battery power! Endurance is an app that helps your Mac run longer. Endurance runs in the background and when your battery level drops to a certain level, it automatically starts adjusting your settings and turning off features which use a lot of energy. Our tests have shown that it can give you about 20% more runtime, which you can spend writing, browsing the web and watching movies.
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DBConvert for Access and MySQL 8.3.7

DBConvert for Access and MySQL 8.3.7 | 51.1 Mb

DBConvert for Access and MySQL are two-way cross database migration and synchronization solutions for data conversion between Microsoft Access 32/64 to MySQL/MariaDB or Percona databases.
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Blocs 3.1.2 macOS

Blocs 3.1.2 | macOS | 31 mb

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy-to-use, powerful visual web-design tool that lets you create beautiful, modern websites without the need to write code. Cleverly designed to accommodate complete beginners or those familiar with web design. You will love building with Blocs.
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Avanquest Print Artist Platinum

Avanquest Print Artist Platinum | 3.29 GB
Languages: Fran├žais | Incl. Full Content Packs Bundled

The simplest and most complete solution for all your printing projects! Print Artist Platinum is a graphic design software unlike anything you've ever seen! Unmatched in quality and easy to use, it offers thousands of high-quality images, professionally created projects, original models, fun models, and powerful text editing tools.
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Advanced CSV Converter 6.75

Advanced CSV Converter 6.75 | 5 Mb

Advanced CSV Converter is a powerful tool for converting CSV to DBF, Excel(XLS,XLSX), TXT, HTML, PRG, XML, SQL, RTF. To convert a file, the program offers a wizard-driven interface, which walks you through the conversion step by step. Using the wizard, you select the input file, choose the target format and folder. If necessary, you can set the conversion filter by example and select columns you want to exclude from the process. Once the conversion is started, the program extracts data from CSV file and ports it into a list of data fields, which are then saved to the specified formats. Conversion is accurate and quick thanks to the well-written algorithm.
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Altair Inspire Cast 2019.1640
Altair Inspire Cast 2019.1640 | 1.1 Gb

The Altair product team is pleased to announce the availability of Inspire Cast (ex solidThinking Click2Cast) 2019 Build 1640, is a casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components.
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