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Altair Activate 2019.5057
Altair Activate 2019.5057 | 578.7 mb

The Altair product team is pleased to announce the availability of Activate 2019 (Build 5057) is an open & flexible tool for rapidly modeling and simulating products as multi-disciplinary systems in the form of 1D models (expressed as signal-based or physical block diagrams), optionally coupled to 3D models.
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FlowMaster CONNECT Edition V10
FlowMaster CONNECT Edition V10 | 45.5 mb

Bentley Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of FlowMaster CONNECT Edition V10 (build This software helps you perform hydraulic calculations for dozens of element types, from pipes and open channels to drop inlets and weirs.
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Altair Compose 2019.4206
Altair Compose 2019.4206 | 682.3 mb

The Altair product team is pleased to announce the availability of Compose 2019.4206, is a high level, matrix-based numerical computing language as well as an interactive & unified programming environment for all types of math.
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Altair Embed 2019.28
Altair Embed 2019.28 | 527.5 mb

The Altair product team is pleased to announce the availability of Embed 2019.28, is a visual environment for model-based development of embedded systems. Its highly efficient diagram-to-code capability shortens the development time and increases product quality.
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Altair Inspire 2019.10678
Altair Inspire 2019.10678 | 1.1 Gb

The Altair product team is pleased to announce the availability of Inspire 2019 Build 10678, is a powerful yet easy to use generative design/topology optimization and rapid simulation solution for design engineers.
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DzSoft PHP Editor
File size: 5.4 MB

DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP and HTML pages. With its deceptive simplicity, the interface of DzSoft PHP Editor is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers, making PHP development easy and productive.
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Epubor Ultimate Converter
File size: 27.7 MB

Epubor Ultimate Converter - Maximum conversion solutions for e-books allows you to easily convert between e-book formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi for one book or in batch mode. Now you can convert your ePub book or PDF format to Mobi format for Kindle minute. You can also transfer the e-mail. Kindle books on iPad, Sony reader and other reader. You can now read as ePub books, and PDF or Mobi.The program does not have any additional requirements.Ultimate Converter supports Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Nook and other readers.
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Aha-Soft ArtCursors 5.29
File Size: 6.4 MB

Aha-Soft ArtCursors is an advanced cursor editor for Windows. ArtCursors allows you to find, create, edit, import and export cursors and manage cursor libraries.
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