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Big Fish Audio Neo Folk KONTAKT
Size File: 3.12 GB

Due to the tremendous success of artists such as Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers, etc., Neo-folk has saturated the air in recent years. Neo-folk has become extremely popular in advertising, film and television music.
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Cinesamples Sew What  KONTAKT

Cinesamples Sew What KONTAKT | 657 Mb

Here is one of the most unique percussion libraries you'll hear. We sampled nearly every sewing item you can imagine - pitched and non-pitched, from sewing machines and knitting needles to buttons, cloth, and scissors. Play them as single shots or custom defined arpeggiations. The sewing machines are tempo-synched.
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Cinesamples CineBells v1.2a  KONTAKT

Cinesamples CineBells v1.2a KONTAKT | 10.56 Gb

Here we present a focused, tidy collection of intimately-recorded, overdub ready, pitched happiness. A sizable 10GB (at compressed NI NCW) collection of pitched bells, dulcimers and keyboards specifically designed to construct tonal groove elements. For years we've been subjected to typical cinematic grooves composed of various small percussive elements; sticks, logs, shakers, claves, tambourines, finger cymbals, and other unpitched toys - yet there was an obvious lack of pitched counterparts.
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Zero-G Ethera EVI 2.0 KONTAKT
Zero-G Ethera EVI 2.0 KONTAKT | 18.8 Gb

Welcome to Zero-G ETHERA EVI 2.0 - Electro Virtual Instrument. Produced by award-winning sound designer and composer Stefano Maccarelli and featuring the critically acclaimed vocalist Clara Sorace, ETHERA EVI takes you into an amazing world of stunning vocals, synths, arps, textures, bass, horns, drums, acoustic instruments and ambient sounds for all your cinematic and electronic music productions.
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CineSamples Viola da Gamba KONTAKT
CineSamples Viola da Gamba KONTAKT | 4.24 Gb

The Viola da Gamba is a 6-stringed bowed and fretted instrument that first appeared in Spain in the mid to late 15th century and was most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Cinesamples Viola da Gamba was recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage in Los Angeles.
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Native Instruments Massive X v1.0.1 WiN
Native Instruments Massive X v1.0.1 WiN | 884 Mb

The original Massive, having helped define the sound of modern genres such as dubstep and EDM, became synonymous with an exciting, forward-thinking approach to synthesis that unapologetically embraced its digital DNA. Famous for its intuitive interface and sonic potential - from enormous basslines and soaring leads, to evolving ambient textures - it quickly became a staple part of many production toolkits.
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AudioThing Satellite  KONTAKT

AudioThing Satellite KONTAKT | 253 Mb

The Satellite was a rare and less known Moog synthesizer from the mid 70s. It's a monophonic preset synthesizer with one VCO and limited modulations. It was used mostly as an add-on for electric organs, in fact, the US company Thomas Organ bought the license to build it. Preset sounds include brass, reeds, strings, and other sounds. As many keyboards of that time, the Satellite is not properly tuned along all the keys (especially at the ends) so we included two versions: tuned and untuned.
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Soundiron Mimi Page Light and Shadow v1.0.0  KONTAKT

Soundiron Mimi Page Light and Shadow v1.0.0 KONTAKT | 4.73 Gb

Mimi Page Light & Shadow is the perfect hybrid of soft, angelic female solo vocals and lush, ethereal atmospheric sound-design, featuring the feather-light soprano voice of singer-composer Mimi Page. Designed for film & game composers/sound-designers, this collection includes a full selection of chromatic articulations, melodic phrases and exquisitely sound-designed cinematic effects, pads and atmospheric elements. The lead vocal content is intuitively playable and the phrases and effects are easy to use in any project, making this library an ideal source of inspiration that's perfect for nearly any music or video production need that comes your way. It all combines into a complete, efficient and deeply-refined toolbox that comes fully equipped with our flexible and full-featured user interface.
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Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Jumbo 12  KONTAKT

Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Jumbo 12 KONTAKT | 4.91 Gb

We are pleased to present Evolution Jumbo 12, the long awaited 12-string acoustic addition to our Evolution guitar series, recorded from a Taylor 355. This guitar sports a silky high end, yet an ample amount of body in the lows and mids-undoubtedly the result of it being a larger sized guitar. Mixed prominently, Evolution Jumbo 12 can cut through the mix with its crisp, bright tone. Played at a feathery-soft dynamic, it adds an exquisite shimmer to your arrangement.
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Big Fish Audio Rock Of Ages  KONTAKT

Big Fish Audio Rock Of Ages KONTAKT | 5.18 Gb

Big Fish Audio is proud to present Rock Of Ages. This 30 kit library features a wide variety of Rock n Roll, from the classic sounds of the 60s and 70s up through the fast-paced punk and dark grunge of the 90's. Each file has been recorded in the highest quality 24-bit rate at 44.1 kHz and formatted in all major formats so that it will easily drag and drop into any hardware or DAW software.
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