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This is not just a sound library, this is probably the most comprehensive and carefully selected collection of hand-selected orchestral percussion instruments on the market. Welcome to the Orchestral Percussion SDX for Superior drummer 3.
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Triple Spiral Audio Universe Kontakt 6 (KONTAKT)
Triple Spiral Audio Universe Kontakt 6 (KONTAKT) | 3.18 GB

Universe - a new library from Triple Spiral Audio with the following kinds of sounds: pads, environment, Arpa, loop, motion, shots, distorted sounds and soundscapes. Sounds range from the majestic, epic pads to fine environments and from dystopian sounds to smooth movement and dreamy sounds. Sounds are meant to provide you with a diverse and rich set of sounds to support your music, movies, games and trailers.
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ProjectSAM - Symphobia 4 Pandora v1.0.5 (KONTAKT)
ProjectSAM - Symphobia 4 Pandora v1.0.5 (KONTAKT) | 70.75 GB

Give your action, science-fiction film and horror film strengthening blockbuster with the fourth volume of the famous series by Symphobia ProjectSAM. Symphobia 4: Pandora allows you to call the exciting cinematic Risers, apprehension falls and stunning crescendo with unmatched ease and flexibility.
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Touch Loops - Solar Rhythms (WAV, MIDI)
Touch Loops - Solar Rhythms (WAV, MIDI) | 481 MB

Explore the galaxy around with the help of this amazing pack of stunning astral jazz samples. Created by our favorite Skygaze (Astral Beats), he plunged into their extensive knowledge incredible chord faces and impeccable sense of rhythm to create a totally unique pack, which is preferred by many genres.
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Touch Loops - Infinite Melody (WAV)
Touch Loops - Infinite Melody (WAV) | 1.91 GB

Infinite Melody, possessing appetizing size 2.07 GB, explores a more organic side of lush melodies. From well-recorded cymbals to sound inspirational harp, each of these fascinating ethnic music loops will offer something new in each listening.
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Touch Loops - Dystopian Love (WAV, MIDI)
Touch Loops - Dystopian Love (WAV, MIDI) | 351 MB

Dystopian Love penetrates into analog world rich synthesis lush gated reverberations and emotional nostalgic 80s. Referring to the cult series of Blade Runner, demonstrating its unique twist, this extensive collection of samples 80s neatly programmed beats and driving bass subwoofer gives you the edge, which sought your tracks.
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Touch Loops - Analogue Expanse (WAV)
Touch Loops - Analogue Expanse (WAV) | 120 MB

Analogue Expanse conducts border between house, electronics and chill-wave. Taking into account the essential tone of the Tycho, whether it's a beautiful analog synth sample or a heavy rhythm drum machine, you just know that the samples were kissed with this atmosphere and Touch Loops style.
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