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Sample Magic Pumping Techno Drums-MULTiFORMAT

Sample Magic Pumping Techno Drums MULTiFORMAT | 1.56 Gb

Powerful industrial rhythms and raw beats for club-friendly constructions. A carefully curated collection of 610 one-shots integrated into an Ableton Drum Rack with custom processing macros - in addition to 400+ stemmed out beat loops to drag Â’and drop into a DAW of your choice. Pounding bass rhythms, warehouse bangers and slamming one-shots all in one easy-to-use pack.
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Pat Pardy Broken Modular (WAV)

Pat Pardy Broken Modular WAV | 119 Mb

Pat Pardy returns for his third instalment for Noiiz serving up a delectable slice of Evil Ninesque breakbeats along with some twisted and detailed modular percussion loops and one-shots.
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Loopmasters Synthwave Generation-MULTiFORMAT

Loopmasters Synthwave Generation MULTiFORMAT | 0.9 Gb

Loopmasters present Synthwave Generation - a flashback collection of sounds inspired by the 1980s Synthesis boom. Inside you'll find exclusive 100% Royalty free sounds and samples to use in your sonic productions, and take to the next level. Step into the Loopmasters time machine and join the Synthwave Generation!
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Zero-G - Shadowlands: Cinematic Scene Setters (KONTAKT)
Zero-G - Shadowlands: Cinematic Scene Setters (KONTAKT) | 15.31 GB

The 50 construction kits present a full musical / sound design piece which is then broken up into its constituent parts (such as soundscapes, pads, atmospheres, FX, strings, guitars, percussion) so that you can use them any way you like. Fantasy, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, thriller, horror and action genres are all included in this vast library.
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Hektagon Journey Through Sound (WAV)

Hektagon Journey Through Sound WAV | 636 Mb

This pack is a collection of sounds which focus on a Journey Through Electronic music; covering ranges as diverse as Electronica, Bass, Dnb and Drumstep. It's main focus is the realisation that all forms of music share a common background, with different genres coexisting together and that lines can be and should be blurred.
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Black Octopus Sound OB6 Bass Soundscapes (WAV)

Black Octopus Sound OB6 Bass Soundscapes WAV | 1.75 Gb

Transport yourself to a spaceship a million light years away; march into battle with a hundred-thousand bloodthirsty orcs; fly through the clouds in a state of eternal blissful. These are just some of the moods captured by the mighty OB-6 Bass Soundscapes sample-pack, produced by Diamaudix Audio.
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The Drum Broker Agent X Mindmeld Vol.1 WAV

The Drum Broker Agent X Mindmeld Vol 1 WAV | 272 Mb

Introducing a new experimental concept from Overcoast and The Drum Broker: Mindmeld Vol 1 by Agent X. Mindmeld Vol 1 features 11 compositions that were created for the experimental and open minded sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants unique and spacey original music to chop, flip, and manipulate into oblivion.
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Soundbox New York Deep Tech (WAV)

Soundbox New York Deep Tech WAV | 202 Mb

New York Deep Tech from Soundbox are back, this time taking you deep into New York's underground House scene with their newest collection of pounding beats, brooding analogue synths and throbbing basslines. 'New York Deep Tech' is the definitive sound of Output, Cielo and House of Yes giving you that after-hours sound direct from America's number one city.
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