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SAMI THE PRODUCER Vinyl and Chill WAV | 215 Mb

'Vinyl & Chill' by SAMI THE PRODUCER contains five Construction Kits, crafted with incredible pre-cleared samples. This pack delivers top notch chopped melodies paired with banging drums in Hip Hop, Boom Bap and Trapsoul suited styles. This pack is candy to any vinyl lovers ear!
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Roland VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto.v1.0 WiN

Roland VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto v1.0 WiN | 1.97 Gb

One of the most iconic synthesizers in history makes its return as an ultra-deep sampled virtual instrument. In 1987 Roland Corporation made history with one of the most easily attainable yet best sounding synthesizers to ever grace recording studios, nightclubs and stadiums.
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RICH Samples - White Noise WAV.Spire Presets

RICH Samples - White Noise WAV Spire Presets | 137 Mb

RICH Samples presents "White Noise", a fantastic collection of Spire Presets. Organized into Spire Presets, 1 Sound Bank, Wavs and Bonus Loops, don't forget to bring your oxygen mask to this exciting sonic exploration of digital noises.
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Primate Abstract Breaks (WAV)

Primate Abstract Breaks WAV | 359 Mb

If mangled betas and organic sonic textures is what your looking for, Abstract Breaks will definitely have something in here for you! Loaded with a vibrant mixture of jazz infused 2-step grooves to abstract cinematic foley FX loops, with everything in between.
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Precinct Future Ambient (WAV)

Precinct Future Ambient WAV | 441 Mb

Future Ambient is a beautifully realised collection of evolving pads, emotive soundscapes, delicately crafted beats, percussion loops and deep pulsating basses, perfect for adding a dream-like quality to your productions. The extensive selection loops and one shots offers the user the essential elements needed for constructing a wide range of emotional and reflective musical styles.
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Pat Pardy I Hear Voices (WAV)

Pat Pardy I Hear Voices WAV | 156 Mb

A varied collection of sounds created using the human voice as their initial sound source, expertly processed into spectral textures and distant atmospheres, abstract melodies, deep pads, twisted effects and esoteric vocals. Uses a range of tools including; Mutable Instruments Clouds/Ripples Filter/Peaks, Make Noise Wogglebug/Maths, Tip Top Audio One along with custom Reaktor granular synthesis patches and Max 4 Live devices designed by Pat Pardy himself. A treasure trove of truly inspiring sounds for sound design and composition.
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MIchael White Dubstep Invasion (WAV)

MIchael White Dubstep Invasion WAV | 336 Mb

With this pack you can create really heavy dubstep tracks. It is full of weird, heavy, crazy bass sounds so you can experiment with all of them to create unique sounds. If you need some extra energy in your drums, this pack has some of the most punchiest kick and snares ever done, so you wont find any problem when making your drums LOUD AND PUNCH! With the huge amount of ONE SHOT sounds, including BASS, DRUMS, SYNTHS, FX you can create your ideas faster than ever, since all of them were done with the purpose of making things easier.
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